Our Secret Instagram Engagement Shortcuts REVEALED

Here’s the truth. Everyone wants to grow on Instagram. As a service-based business owner, you are probably inundated with courses, posts, webinars, and Lives on the best ways to do so. We feel the pressure to get our followers, likes, and Reels reach to some arbitrary number in order to feel accomplished. But unless you are intentional, strategic, and committed in your approach, the numbers really don’t mean anything.

To successfully grow your account while simultaneously growing your business, you have to have an engaged following. Without it, you’ll just be yelling in a crowded room (aka newsfeed) where no one hears you. Of course, spending hours each day focused on Instagram engagement and account interaction will give you a big jolt (and probably social media burnout). But, TBH, what small business owner has time for that? Our advice? Save your energy for something more productive, and try this approach instead.

The whole trick to engagement is creating authentic relationships with your audience. Here are five of our secret Instagram engagement shortcuts that will save you time without sacrificing the quality of your growth.

1. Make conversations through Instagram Stories.

There are many things you can do with Instagram Stories to boost your engagement. A few examples include frequently posting, adding interactive Story stickers, and showing your face. All of these can help improve your organic Instagram engagement and reach. One of our favorite secrets, however, has been the success we see when we make conversations with followers through Instagram Stories. Unlike feed posts which won’t display in chronological order, you know when you see a Story that a particular account has been active in the last 24 hours. Since commenting on a Story frame sends you straight into the DMs, it is less easily missed than a like or comment in a sea of notifications on a new post. Comments on Stories feel much more personalized and tend to reap better reciprocal benefits when it comes to engagement.

2. Boost visibility with pre- and post-feed activity.

Do not just post and then ghost. That’s the fastest way to kill your engagement rate. Social media is meant to be an interactive form of two-way communication. If you’re not nudging the algorithm (and your audience) to let them know new content is on its way, it’s likely to get lost. Prior to and right after posting, be sure to interact by liking or leaving insightful comments on posts shared by those you follow and those who follow you. The level of engagement your post receives in the first hour or so typically foreshadows how successful your post will be overall. The more likes, comments, shares, and saves you get right away, the more it is deemed relevant by Instagram. And as the story goes, the more relevant your content, the more likely it is to be shown to your audience. During this timeframe, don’t forget to reply to comments as they come in on your new post. This is another Instagram engagement-boosting secret that works wonders for increasing reach.

3. Add engagement-encouraging CTAs.

Compelling captions are key to captivating current and potential followers. But, how do you take your caption writing one step further? Add an Instagram engagement call to action. Whether you tell your followers to like, comment, or save, adding clear and actionable instructions for engagement entices your audience to follow suit. (Just don’t convolute the message by asking them to do all of the above. There’s a big difference between coming across as genuine and sounding spammy/self-serving.)

4. Build a supportive network.

In business, they say your network is your net worth. On social media, a strong community almost always means a strong engagement rate for your account. Having a community over competition approach to Instagram can benefit your growth in many ways. Develop authentic relationships and discover new audiences through strategic, relevant hashtags (insert internal link here to hashtags post) and niche-based interactions. Often times your “competition” transforms into a tribe of industry friends and fans. A supportive network can become your biggest cheerleaders and even a stream of new followers and referrals.

5. Create varying scroll-stopping content.

No matter how many of these secrets you implement, if your Instagram content is not scroll-stopping, we guarantee your engagement will always fall flat. This applies to your design aesthetics, graphic content, and caption writing. To reach maximum engagement levels, it even goes one step beyond the quality of your content to the actual delivery of it. Keep your audience interested and engaged by varying the type of content you share. Use a healthy mix of all Instagram’s content types, especially Carousels, Reels, and IG Lives. The more value-driven variety you can offer your audience, the more they will connect and engage with everything you share.

It’s no secret that the more you engage on Instagram, the better the chances are for your content to be shown in feeds. Instagram engagement is key to genuine and high-converting growth, but it can be incredibly time-consuming. By focusing on these five shortcuts, you’ll see better results in a fraction of the time. Still not convinced you can make this happen on your own? You don’t have to. We can scoop this entire process right off of your overloaded plate. When we take care of your Instagram engagement, you have more time to take care of your clients. Fill out the form below, and let’s get started today! We can’t wait to hear you breathe that huge sigh of relief.

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